Cozy Mystery Reader Promotions

Our reader promotions are legendary! If you love to find Cozy Mystery bargains, stick with us! You might even win a few prizes. Here’s what we offer each month. You can use the drop down menu under reader giveaways to reach each one.

Free For All – A great selection of books that are FREE – some might be on Amazon, some through Instafreebie or Bookfunnel. Our authors use a variety of methods to promote their free books and you’re the one who benefits!

KU Challenge – One of our favourites! Each month we run a challenge and reward our readers for using their KU membership. There’s an exclusive facebook page, and an email list just for readers in this challenge, so you’ll always know what you should be reading to make you eligible for prizes! We do weekly draws and a monthly grand prize draw too!

Super Sale & Giveaway – Every month we run a super sale. Our authors offer you their best stuff at special discounts. Sometimes the books are even FREE! Each month we’ll offer you a giveaway, too. Think Kindles, Gift cards and paperbacks!

Pre-Order Giveaway – Our authors love to know you’re looking forward to their next book! So we help them to reach you by offering a pre-order giveaway. You preorder whichever books take your fancy, then you enter the prize draw. Then you wait for us to email you to tell you you’ve won!

Giant Giveaways – We run lots of giant giveaways each year that give you the chance to win giant Amazon Giftcards and other great prizes.  We make entry quick and simple and our authors all donate to the prize pool so you can be the winner!

Holiday Hops – We run Facebook hops on special long weekend holidays to give you even more chances to win prizes. Keep an eye on your email as these dates draw near. These are an exciting and fun way to build some interaction between readers and authors.

New Releases – Every month we’ll email you with a list of the latest releases. We’ll also post this list on our website. The prices may vary on new releases and this is a service we offer our authors for free so you don’t miss out on being notified of the new stuff!

We hope these promotions sound great to you, dear reader. Please check back often to see what’s on so you can support our authors who work so hard to give you the best Cozy Mysteries they can. If you’re not on our mailing list, use the box below to make sure you never miss notification of a special!