Hattie Jenkins & The Infiniti Chronicles by Pearl Goodfellow

A paranormal murder mystery adventure series.  Hold on to your broomsticks because this is one wild and exciting ride! 

Looking for some weekend reading? Try this  witch cozy mystery series for adventurous souls. There are seven books for you to enjoy. And if you're a crazy cat lady? Welcome home, my friend. Welcome home.

Book 1 - Witch and Famous

Just 99 Pennies!

Take your cat's advice. Or pay the price.

Hattie Jenkins is ignoring her inner power. The herbalist witch would rather concoct a plant remedy than a magical potion.

But, when Hattie and the cats stumble across the body of a local actress, the witch-in-denial is forced to face her internal sorceress. Because the murder involves magic.

Fancying herself as a female sleuth and unable to resist a mystery, Hattie and the cats find themselves in a murder investigation that involves stories of unrequited love, full moon mania and the quest for eternal youth.

Can Hattie embrace her magical inheritance before the killer can strike again, though?
Maybe it's time to start listening to her furry herd …

Book 2 - The Violet Countercharm


One sleuthing witch. Eight snooping cats. It's a warm 'n' fuzzy kinda magic. 

Ding Dong! The witch is dead!

Spithilda Roach didn't croak from natural causes, though.
Did one of her attempts at gloomy magic backfire again?
Or did one of Spithilda's many haters finally do her in?

Onyx, Shade, Midnight, Gloom, Eclipse, Carbon, Jet and Fraidy; the group of eight immortal cats that make up The Infiniti, join their witch-in-denial, Hattie, to help solve Spithilda's murder.
When they come face-to-face with the caustic old witch's past, they realize it isn't just magic to be found there. Instead, they find Spithilda's history is rife with jealousy, revenge, and full moon mania!

Hattie's inner sorceress is still beckoning, waiting for her to accept the power of her bloodline. But, can she solve the murder without using her innate magic? Only time will tell.

Tick-Tock, Hattie. Tick-Tock.

Book 3 - The Witch of Bohemia


Uniquely warm 'n' fuzzy.

Druida Stone? Dead? In the library? 

The strange facts that arise from Druida’s past are puzzling to the say the least. Why had the zany witch been installed on Glessie as part of a 'witchness' protection program? What secrets had Druida been guarding all these years, and could they have anything to do with the fact that she was now a corpse? The Infiniti have some opinions on this, of course.

Gless Inlet needs Hattie and her clowder's help -- the third murder in as many months? But, it's a little hard to sleuth when you're on the suspect list! 

Find out how Hattie and the cat's race to clear her name, AND find the killer in the process, in this hilarious cozy comedy!

Book 4 - The Black Diamond Curse


Belly-laughs, love, furry-friendships. And a deliciously hunky villain.

The picture postcard landscape of Cathedral Isle is ruined. How could it not be when the fried remains of celebrity eco-warrior, Millicent Pond, lies sprawled on its sandy shores? 

Hattie and the cats are on the case, but there are far more layers to this investigation than meets the eye. Throw in Gideon Shields, the gorgeous Warlock Governor of Cathedral, and the mystery only deepens. No surprise that Hattie's head is in a spin.
But, will our herbalist witch keep her wits about her while she unravels the clues? Moreover, will her potent magical gifts finally bring the reluctant witch onto center stage? 

Book 5 - A Spell in Mag Mell


It's a serious case of the warm 'n' fuzzies. 

Death by snake-iron is a grisly way to go. The organic, worm-like alloy coils around the heart and squeezes until it stops beating. Aurel Nugget, the Coven Isles head alchemist, has met his end with just such a serpent metal. 

Hattie and the Infiniti are called in to assist Chief Para Inspector Trew, but there are so many things wrong with the murder scene that the team finds it challenging to connect the dots.
Moreover, what exactly is going on in Gless Inlet? The residents and even Midnight seem to be affected by some kind of ominous imbalance.
Could these strange events have anything to do with Aurel's death? With the sinister rumblings coming from Mag Mell and the Fae, the pressure is on for Hattie, CPI Trew and the cats to keep their heads and find Aurel's killer.
Dive into the mystery and find out what happens in this paranormal cozy romp!

Book 6 - The Chimera Charm


Who knew murder could be this magical?

Witch-in-denial, Hattie Jenkins, witnesses the horrific death of hard-headed lawyer, Morag Devlin. Along with her eight incorrigible moggies, Hattie and the cats must find out why Morag met her grisly end. 

Weaving their way through magic and mayhem, the crew discover Morag's sinister associations with chief warlock, Gideon Shields. The charismatic governor of Cathedral Isle has a squeaky clean record, of course. But, is there more to Shields than meets the eye?

Follow Hattie and The Infiniti as they race to unravel the clues and try to thwart the murderer before they can strike again.

Book 7 - The Warlock Weapon


Pulse-pounding action and heartwarming wit. For lover's of female sleuths

The peace of the Coven Isles has blown apart once more. 

The 'explosive' death of Barnabus Kramp has Hattie and her eight lunatic cats racing to find out who would want the Warlock lawyer dead. It turns out, EVERYONE wanted him dead, but that's beside the point.

Drawn into a world of magic, murder and dark sorcery, the reluctant witch is forced to make a painful choice: Will she play it safe and continue to deny her magical legacy?

Or will Hattie risk everything, embrace her witch-power, and rise to the Warlock threat?
Because the sinister events that have befallen the Isles of late are proof enough that some terrible force is at play. 

And it's still playing.

Pearl Goodfellow

About the author

​Who is Pearl, anyway?

Well, when she’s not talking about herself in the third person, she would likely describe herself something like this:

I’m a borderline crazy-cat-lady and I have an imagination much bigger than my small head can contain. So, I write it all out! I genuinely believe in magic of the Universal variety. A magic that can be accessed by every single human that’s lived, living or will ever live. I write about all this from a Witch’s point of view, of course. : )
Does anyone truly have any idea of how much magic is at play in this crazy world of ours?

Other larger than life passions I have are:
Concocting make-at-home, all natural lotions, and potions.
Nature in all it’s outlandish glory. If I could get away with it, I’d literally roll around in nature from dawn to dusk, whatever the season.
Meditation and human connection are what drive me forward and what make me try to be a better person.

Okay, okay, and cats. Even though they ruin my furniture and my sleep, I couldn’t imagine life without one. If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear mine is the one responsible for feeding me my stories!