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Want to promote your Cozy Mystery book through Love Kissed Cozies?

Fantastic! We’d love to help. For now, we’ll only be charging …$8.  Seriously. Sign up below to have your book sent through our daily email blast and featured on the front page of our website.

Purchase one day at $8 or buy two days for the same book at only $10. Books can be priced from FREE to $2.99.

Why would you want to buy two days?  Simple.  Not every subscriber opens the email blast every day. By purchasing two days, there’s a greater likelihood of being seen.  Just a suggestion 🙂

Also, your book won’t be competing with dozens of others on your chosen day. We have a maximum of nine books on any given day, meaning you’ll get more eyes on your book with Love Kissed Cozies!

As always, your book MUST be priced under $2.99, have a professional cover, and a ranking of 3.5 stars or more.  Come on, we have to have some standards.  Otherwise, the readers stop trusting us and then we’re helping no one.

If you want to sign up to have a free book promoted, please use this same form.

***Please note: The date of promotion can be found on your invoice.

Also, once an invoice is sent, you will have a week to pay before it is cancelled.  A reminder will be sent in advance, but given the response we can’t hold space indefinitely.  Thank you for understanding.